Releasing Heaven Into Earth pdf Manual by Lyn Packer

Releasing Heaven Into Earth pdf Manual by Lyn Packer


We are seated with Christ in heavenly places; that's where our prayer and intercession starts - in the Throne Room! Third Heaven intercession is apostolic and governmental. As New Covenant believers we have been shifted from supplicants who had to petition God in order for us to get anything done, into those who have dominion and rule alongside Him through Christ. In this seminar Lyn Packer teaches you how to come boldly to the throne, to know God's heart and his will and be equipped for power-filled prayer!

In this power-packed teaching, Lyn will instruct you how to

• Know your position and the authority you carry in Christ 
• Ascend into the Lord's Presence 
• Receive Guidance and Strategy from The King of kings 
• Move in prayer that has resurrection authority and power 
• Intercede from a Throne Room Perspective

When you understand the supernatural power of your prayers you will see that they are potent and effective! They release God's provision and power. Prepare for it to happen! Prepare to see heaven released into earth!

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