The Art of Healing by Josh Klinkenberg

The Art of Healing by Josh Klinkenberg


The Art of Healing is a journey into the depths of Gods heart to heal. With so many conflicting views and questions on healing today it can be hard to maintain a trust in the Father's heart to heal ALL. The Art of Healing is a book that has been written from the “front lines.” With their eldest son being born with severe health problems and special needs, requiring 24/7 care, Josh Klinkenberg shares the treasures he and his wife, Amberley, have picked up along their journey into the miraculous. Be part of the gut wrenching lows and the joy filled highs as Josh shares their successes, their failures, their frustrations, their laughs and their tears, in his own raw and honest way.

The Art of Healing contains powerful keys on how to receive and release the fulness of healing in and through your own life. Learn how to heal the sick and afflicted. Learn how to overcome deep offence towards God and others. Learn how to maintain a healthy heart in pursuit of breakthrough. Healing is not just something God does, it is who He is. Come discover this aspect of character in an intimate way. Join Josh on this journey as he addresses a number of the commonly held “hard questions” in regards to healing. Questions like, “What about Job?” “What about God's sovereignty?” “What about Paul’s thorn in the flesh?” Josh discusses what he has learnt out of the many conversations he shared with The Father while his son's life was hanging in the balance. You are called and commission to heal the sick and live in divine health. The Father has provided everything necessary for this to happen, so unlock the Art of Healing in your life today and join in on this journey into the miraculous!

- Contains numerous activations and activities to assist you in stepping into the gift and ministry of healing.

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