Unlock The Power Of Sanctified Imagination - Digital Download

Unlock The Power Of Sanctified Imagination - Digital Download


Your imagination was created and given to you by God for a very powerful purpose.  It is a part of your sense of sight and operates both in the natural and spiritual realms. Scripture refers to it as the “eyes of your heart/understanding” (Eph1:18). It’s where you meditate, conceive and build the framework for things that will become your realities. It has a huge effect on your spirit, your soul and your body.

One of imagination's main purposes is to enable you to see yourself living out your destiny before it manifests in time and space. It is a gift from God to help you live the kind of life He has imagined for you. Paul refers to it when talking to Timothy when he tells him to meditate on the prophetic words spoken over him (1Tim 4:12-15). The word meditate in that verse means to imagine or to frame up pictures in your heart and mind.

Your imagination is where every idea and desire is conceived and subsequently brought to fruition. It is, along with your rational mind, the major place you fight your battles, and it is there you’ll either defeat the enemy, or be defeated by him.

In this teaching Lyn Packer gives you keys to unlock the power of sanctified imagination in your life.

  • You’ll learn how to see yourself doing what God has dreamed for you.
  • You'll learn the role of your imagination in putting on your new creation nature.
  • You’ll learn how your sanctified imagination can help you step into your destiny.
  • You’ll learn how to stop the enemy’s plans for taking you out of your destiny, and how to overcome his strategies.
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