XP Ministries NZ

Our mission: Sharing the infinitely Good News of Christ's Love and releasing the power of the Kingdom of Heaven into New Zealand and the nations of the world!

XP Ministries USA / CSA 

Christian Services Association (CSA), a non-profit society, was founded in Canada in 1973 and in the USA in 1984. It is the parent ministry of XP Ministries, founded in 2004 in Arizona. XP Ministries / CSA is located in Maricopa, Arizona and Kelowna, Canada. Patricia King, (President) along with numerous team members equip the Body of Christ in the Gifts of the Spirit, prophetic ministry, intercession, and evangelism. XP Ministries is called to spreading the gospel through media.

XP Ministries NZ / CSA

In 2007 Rob and Lyn Packer linked with XP Ministries USA as itinerant ministers and established the New Zealand branch of XP Ministries. Based in Tauranga, they have ministered itinerantly throughout New Zealand, in Australia and Asia providing training in the schools established by XP Ministries USA, encouraging, equipping and releasing people into greater dimensions of supernatural Kingdom life.

Christian Services Association is a NZ registered non-profit organisation, funded by those who desire to partner with and support this ministry. Tax Deductible receipts will be given at the end of the year to those who desire to support the program in this manner. If you would like to donate to the ministry of XP Ministries NZ click here.

Board of Trustees

XP Ministries New Zealand is administered by a board of trustees, who are: 

Rob and Lyn Packer


Rob and Lyn are the team leaders of XP Ministries NZ. They are based in Bethlehem, Tauranga, and have been in christian ministry for over 40 years. They are accountable to Patricia King and the XP Ministries board in USA. For more information about Rob and Lyn click here. 

John and Fiona Steffens


John and Fiona have been the Senior Pastors of Fiordland New Life Church since 2001. Their vision is to raise up an apostolic company of people to be catalysts and stewards of revival in New Zealand and in the nations. They have pastoral oversight of Revival School Aotearoa, a revivavlist training ministry based in their church.

John regularly leads teams to India, where they have seen countless miracles, unreached villages saved and hundreds of pastors and leaders equipped to minister in the love and power of the Holy Spirit. John is also a business man. He is the director of the Fiordland Lobster Company, exporting 100's of tons of live New Zealand crayfish every year. Fiona loves creative ministry, especially excelling in creative writing, and she often accompanies John on missions to India. www.revivalschoolnz.com

Board of Advisors

Rob and Lyn know the importance of developing key Kingdom relationships in New Zealand that will provide input, encouragement, advice, support and accountability. To this end they have established a Board of Advisors who function in this role for them and the rest of the XPNZ team.

The members of this Board of Advisors are:

Tim and Xenia Stevenson


Tim and Xenia are the senior leaders of Horizon Church, in Ellerslie, Auckland. They are passionate pursuers of the presence of God with a desire to impact and serve Auckland, New Zealand and the Nations through the establishment of an Apostolic / Prophetic Kingdom Base. www.horizon.org.nz

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson.jpg

Ian is an itinerant prophetic revelator and revivalist from Auckland, teaching and activating with fresh mana from the Word. He and his wife, Joye, minister together, encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm. www.hisamazinggloryministries.org

Stuart and Lynley Allan


Stuart and Lynley have a passion to see New Zealand and the nations impacted by the power and love of God. Based in Auckland, they travel internationally ministering on Healing of the Heart, Father Heart of God, Prophetic Revelation and Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit. They are former associate pastors of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. www.ctfauckland.com/

Ray and Pam Watson


Ray and Pam are the senior leaders of Pursuit Church, in Three Kings, Auckland. As co-pastors of Pursuit, they bring a rich blend of anointings to the church. Ray's gifting is intimate worship, prophetic exhortation and preaching. Pam is a gifted teacher with a heart for relationships and the kingdom of God. Together they bring a love for God's presence with a desire to see people grow, change and come to maturity. www.secretplaceministries.org/pages/aboutus/pursuit-church.html