Rob and Lyn

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Hi, we’re Rob and Lyn Packer, two people with a love for life, Jesus, and helping people grow! 

Thats why we have those three words on the front of our website – empowering... we believe that everyone needs these three things.

Empowering – giving someone inner belief and confidence that they have a destiny and can walk in it with Christ’s enabling power. 

Equipping – Providing them with tools and know-how to do the things they are called to with confidence and skill.

Family – providing a place where people are seen, loved, affirmed, where they are safe to explore their gifts and grow.

People want to make a difference in life. They want to leave a legacy behind them, and we help them do that through mentoring, online courses and live events.

We’d love to be a part of helping you mature and grow by giving you the encouragement and the tools you need to do so. For that reason we’ve set up this website. It is full of good training material – in the Store and at The Learning Centre – a place where you’ll find mentoring opportunities and online courses in the prophetic, worship, creativity, ministry essentials and general Christian life.

So what actual experience do we have and how can we help you?

We’ve been in ministry since our late teens and we’re now both in our sixties, so that’s over forty years of learning how to do, and how not to do, things in ministry life, and we’re still learning. During that time we’ve trained, mentored and provided safe places of expression for thousands of prophetic ministers, worship leaders, worship team members, dancers, and artists in their creative expressions. We’ve also mentored many more in everyday Kingdom living. 

Both of us are multi-faceted in our ministry expressions; this enables us to minister in a variety of ways and settings.

Rob is a gifted speaker and ministers powerfully in the areas of teaching and worship. He is a widely respected mentor of many worship leaders and teams in New Zealand. He is also a well known song-writer and worship leader and has produced many ministry resources over the years, including books, worship and soaking CD’s , DVD’s and training manuals. 

Lyn’s ministry carries a very strong prophetic mantle. She ministers primarily in the prophetic and teaching, calling and enabling people to step into their destiny. Her prophetic gifting is also expressed through her art, and writing. She has written several books covering a variety of subject matter – prophecy and revelation, creativity, dance, prayer and prophetic allegories.

Over the years we’ve pastored a church and been on the leadership team in others.  As part of our ministry we are the leaders of XPministries NZ, a training ministry under the covering of Patricia King. We’re also the Principals for Revival School Aotearoa NZ and the facilitators of the New Zealand Prophetic Network

Rob’s book The Power of Honour is available here