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Kingdom Surge Conference


Position Yourself with Strategic Alignment

For the past few years many people have seen visions of a large wave standing positioned ready to surge forward and break over New Zealand. What is that wave, and what is it waiting for? Many believe it is a move of God like none we've seen before, the greatest awakening and reformation the world has ever seen.

As we pray and wait for that move of God to break upon us, the church is being readied and positioned. Everywhere we look, God is at work in his people's lives - bringing Inner alignment, relational alignment, as well as geographical and assignment alignment in order that we are ready to take our place in this move of God. His people are being equipped, positioned, and aligned strategically to influence the communities and nations they live in.

Come and join us for 2 days of impartation and key insights into this season, that will enable you to align yourself strategically with the purposes that God has for you. During this weekend, you'll come to understand what God is doing, and you'll be inspired, equipped, and given keys that will enable you to have maximum effectiveness going forward in your personal life, relational life, and ministry life.


Matt Lansdowne, Wes and Janet Chambers, Rose Moynier, Rob and Lyn Packer


Life Church Tauranga, Cameron Rd, Tauranga

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