Facebook group guidelines

Group Focus

This group has been established for those doing Lyn Packer's 6 month Online Mentoring Group for Revelators.  It is a place where you can interact with each other, ask questions of Lyn and each other, and share insights or revelations you’re getting through the teaching that you’re receiving, and the activations that you’re doing.

The focus of this group is to provide a safe place to communicate with Lyn and with other members of the Mentoring Group, to help each other grow in our revelatory skills and gifts, and to encourage each other.

Group Guidelines / Rules

Remember that receiving revelation is not a sign of having reached a ‘certain stage’ of maturity in Christ. It says nothing about your spiritual state or your giftedness. Receiving revelation simply means that you have a good Father who loves to communicate with His kids, therefore this group is not a place to use to prove your maturity, your revelatory skills, promote your ministry, etc.

To keep this community of individuals safe, supported and running smoothly, we have a few rules which group members need to adhere to. The rules exist to support the community, not restrict it, and your help in valuing them makes our family as wonderful as it is.

In the unlikely event that a person does not abide by the rules of this Facebook group, then we will speak to that person privately, and if they continue to disregard the guidelines they will be subject to removal from the group, (which we would hate to see happen and would be very sad). If for any reasons a person does need to be removed from the Facebook group, it does not mean that they cannot finish the Mentoring Group teaching. All teaching content will still be accessible, it will be simply the group interaction that they will miss out on.

  • Posts by members of the group are encouraged and allowed, if they fall within our group purpose and focus, while adhering to our group rules. All posts must have the revelatory gifts, or what you are learning as part of this group, as their focus. Please do not create posts on subjects outside our focus (that includes things like end times, etc). These posts will be removed.

  • Questions regarding revelatory things and our growth in that area are encouraged. We all benefit when a person grows, and when we grow, God can use us in greater ways!

  • No posts on behalf of other people. You may not post on behalf of friends, family or other ministries. No exceptions.

  • You may not post spam, or private message users with unsolicited promos, or requests.
    Anyone found to be soliciting other group members, posting spam, hacking, etc., will be banned from the group.

  • All posts must have the “Public” privacy setting. If your post is not properly viewable by all members it will be automatically deleted.

  • You can create posts on this page but please don’t abuse that privilege or it will be taken away. Avoid creating more than 1-3 posts per day, (this does not apply to comments on others' posts or on Lyn’s posts; you may comment as much as you like on others' posts).

  • Please engage with other people's posts or comments. This is a community; find time to encourage and engage with others too.

  • Keep any comments on people’s posts, kind and positive - no disrespecting, unkind behaviour, harsh words, shaming, etc. will be tolerated. Anyone known to have such behaviour toward a fellow group member will be banned.

  • Differences of perspective will happen in any group because we’re all at different places in our growth journey, so please don’t disrespect where someone else is at. They may have revelation that you don’t have yet, and you may have revelation that they don’t have yet; that’s all part of this beautiful thing we call growth.

  • No uploading videos or “pass it on” posts please. Only admin and moderators of this group may post videos, and then, only those videos which are related to what the group focus is. It is too challenging for the team to properly moderate video posts at this time. All videos uploaded by group members will be deleted. Anyone attempting to stream live in the group other than admins and moderators, or those announced by admins or moderators, will be spoken to and removed if necessary.

  • No disclosing personal details like phone, address, or email, in the group. This is for everyone’s safety.

  • You may ask for feedback on your revelations, but remember to weigh all feedback against Scripture and God’s nature and character. Keeping our group focus encouraging, uplifting and positive will be one of our greatest attributes as a community, and will continue to be a core value of ours as we encourage people in their revelatory growth.

  • English only. Any posts which include languages other than English, or which link to places which are in another language, will be deleted. Despite a desire to accommodate our very global community with multi-language support, it is not possible for my team and I to moderate effectively beyond the English language.

  • No private Facebook messaging any group admins, or moderators, including myself. It’s too easy for us to lose your communications if they come through lots of different avenues, so if you need to get a message to me please do it through this email address - office@robandlyn.org - thanks for understanding!