How to Engage God in a Deeper Way in Sung Worship


When it comes to expressing our hearts to God in worship it is really important that we understand that the priority on His heart is not performance – it is relationship. God is a relational being. He is a person. Yes, He is infinite, uncreated and totally awesome, but He is a person. You got your 'personhood' from Him.

There are some definite similarities between relating to each other and relating to God, so let's examine some of these.

How do you engage another person?

Put yourself in 'give' mode, not 'take' mode
If you're in a relationship for what you can get out of it, it won't last and it won't 'live'. Be aware that He is totally blessed by your time together, even if it seems that you don't get anything out of it.

Focus on the other person, not yourself
It's not all about you, what you're feeling, what you sound like, your talent, your reputation etc… it's all about Him, how awesome He is, what He desires etc.

Be genuinely interested in them
You can't fake it with God. He knows whether you really mean what you're singing or not. Genuine affection draws others close to you – it does with God, too.

Put yourself into your words
You engage another person spirit to spirit, because you are a spirit person. God is the same. He can tell if you are 'in your words' or not. Put your heart & spirit into your worship. You are borrowing the words of the song writer. Mean every word that you sing, every note that you play. Eg Valley Road team in rehearsal.

Be integral
You don't fully engage a person with just words, but also with attitudes, responses and actions. Don't try and turn something on on a Sunday that is not happening during the week. Avoid 'professional intimacy'.

Let them know how wonderful they are
When you give genuine praise to someone you definitely engage them. Understand the principle of honour.

Let them know that you are not in a hurry to move on
When you give God your undivided attention and let Him know that you have time for Him…then a special closeness can develop.

Elicit a response from them
If it's really not 'all about you' you will want them to share something of their world with you. You will have an expectation of them responding to you.

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