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You want your life to count, to make an impact here and now, and we would love to help equip you to be able to do just that! Our six-month Legacy Builders online mentoring group will give you tools to enable you to build a great life and ministry. You’ll discover keys to help you grow in all areas of life - character, gifting, natural skills, wisdom and more.

Your life and ministry are worth investing in, not just for you, but so that you leave the best legacy you can. We believe that God is calling His people in this day to be intentional in their development as people and ministers. Become someone who is intentional about building your life, and legacy. As you do you’ll know with certainty that what you pass on to others, now and in the future, will enable them to go further, be greater and love better than they could have without your legacy.

Join our Legacy Builders 6 month mentoring program and take some bold steps forward in building a life you can look back on with pleasure, knowing that you’re leaving behind a legacy worth having for those who follow you.

Legacy Builders objectives

  • To build strong biblical core beliefs for success and fruitfulness in life and ministry.

  • To activate you in your gifts and callings.

  • To give you practical tools to enable you to reach your destiny and leave a brilliant legacy.


As part of our Legacy Builders mentoring group you’ll receive these benefits...

  • You’ll be taking intentional positive steps to build your brilliant legacy

  • You’ll receive the benefit of our years of experience in life and ministry

  • Access the training anytime, anywhere. The groups will be online mentoring groups and you'll be able to access the contents at a time which suits you.

  • 2 X video teaching sessions a month and short encouragement videos.

  • Study notes, worksheets and activations

  • Q&A sessions (in the Facebook group page and in 6 group Zoom sessions).

  • Bonus materials

  • Exclusive Facebook group - Closed or secret group

  • Some guest mentoring videos

  • Discounts on some of our training materials.

Content we’ll be covering

Month 1

  • Session 1 – Identity, value and the power of honour

  • Session 2 – Finding your purpose, understanding God’s will

  • Q&A session

Month 2

  • Session 1 – Spiritual freedom – what is it and how do we get it?

  • Session 2 – Emotional freedom - what is it and how do we get it?

  • Q&A session

Month 3

  • Session 1 – Living beyond limitations – the roots of our limitations and how to breakthrough them

  • Session 2 – Living with confidence – we look at How to increase your confidence, and how o deal with confidence thieves.

  • Q&A session

Month 4

  • Session 1 – Dreaming with God, goals and strategy creation. Discovering and working your strengths

  • Session 2 – How to leave a legacy, thinking and building for future generations, practical tips for being a legacy builder.

  • Q&A session

Month 5

  • Session 1 – Activating and Sharpening your senses, using spiritual gifts to leave a legacy.

  • Session 2 – Building relational bridges, and communication skills

  • Q&A session

Month 6

  • Session 1 – Processing differences of perspective in the Body of Christ.

  • Session 2 – Walking into your bright tomorrow, where to from here

  • Q&A session


Richie  – Invercargill

Richie – Invercargill

The material and teaching in this course is priceless!

Rob and Lyn have got a tremendous gift for teaching and mentoring. This course has helped strengthen my faith, stretch my thinking and theology, and has reminded me in so many ways of what an amazing loving Father we have. The material and teaching in this course is priceless and is something that I will come back to again and again. Thank you Rob and Lyn for sharing the wisdom and knowledge that you carry in such an easy to follow and well-structured way.

Joshua  – Auckland

Joshua – Auckland

I felt like this course had been made just for me.

The Legacy Builders course is something I am encouraging all my friends and family to go through. Not only did I get some great teaching on so many cornerstone concepts of what it means to have a real life changing relationship with God, but for the first time I felt some of these concepts begin to take root in my heart. There were so many times where I felt like this course had been made just for me, as God spoke to me over and over healing things from the past and equipping me for the future.

Helen  – Gore

Helen – Gore

I will be processing and going over, and back to some of the stuff for years to come!

It was amazing!  So much good teaching – truths to live by – I think I will be processing and going over, and back to some of the stuff for years to come, both for my own personal benefit and for the benefit of others!  Thank you so much! J Rob and Lyn have an amazing ability to teach in a very down to earth way, using examples and stories that anyone can relate to.  I would totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in moving forward in the things of God – in life, in ministry, in relationships with others, and in personal and corporate spiritual growth.

Simon  – Rai Valley

Simon – Rai Valley

A fantastic foundation of Identity and present reality.

Rob and Lyn are pioneering a new era in the Kingdom which brings the family learning environment to your home, workplace or quiet time on the couch. I used my iPhone for all the sessions, and as they are prerecorded you can revisit or rewind them. The content creates a fantastic foundation of Identity and present reality as we learn who we are and whose we are. This amazing couple have so much to offer the body of Christ and it was an honour to participate in the group.

Nathan  – Auckland

Nathan – Auckland

I genuinely felt like I was able to grow!

Coming into this mentoring group, I really wanted to engage with something that would make me more intentional in my relationship with God and progression in that relationship. By taking part in this, I genuinely felt like I was able to do that, able to grow, and extend myself in this faith journey with God.

Courtenay  – Invercargill

Courtenay – Invercargill

Incredibly impacting for me!

The material on identity, spiritual and emotional freedom, breaking through limitations and dreaming with God and living with confidence were incredibly impacting for me. I know God used these areas in particular to deepen my faith, my sense of worth and who I am in Him and my love for Him.  I had a significant encounter with God as I was studying the notes on identifying your purpose; it was as though God shone a spotlight on this area of faith in my life and pieces of what had just been a jumbled puzzle started to come together and make complete sense. It was one of those moments with God that just floored me, and left me irrevocably changed! Rob and Lyn were the perfect mentors. Just loved their heart for each of us, and how genuine and authentic they were. Such a blessing to do their course and be mentored by them.

Alex  – Balclutha

Alex – Balclutha

Fresh style, very practical.

Great input. Fresh style. Not  theologically stodgy, but very practical. I grew personally and spiritually and was encouraged by being part of the Legacy Builders program.


6 months

Dates to be advised.

What you'll need

  • A computer

  • A good internet connection (not dial-up) for viewing the teaching videos

  • A Facebook profile so that you can join the Mentoring Group Facebook page


NZ$347.00 one-time payment or 3 payments of NZ$120.00

Before making payment please ensure that you read our Refund Policy for Online Mentoring Groups.


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About Rob and Lyn Packer

Part of the mandate on Rob and Lyn’s lives is to help people grow and mature in their life and ministry. Over the years they’ve done that in many ways, as pastors, itinerant ministers, teachers and prophets, as principals and staff of training colleges and with their personal life legacy as people.