Legacy Builders Online Mentoring Group


You want your life to count, to make an impact here and now, and we would love to help equip you to be able to do just that! Our six-month Legacy Builders online mentoring group will give you tools to enable you to build a great life and ministry. You’ll discover keys to help you grow in all areas of life - character, gifting, natural skills, wisdom and more.

Your life and ministry are worth investing in, not just for you, but so that you leave the best legacy you can. We believe that God is calling His people in this day to be intentional in their development as people and ministers. Become someone who is intentional about building your life, and legacy. As you do you’ll know with certainty that what you pass on to others, now and in the future, will enable them to go further, be greater and love better than they could have without your legacy.

Join our Legacy Builders 6 month mentoring program and take some bold steps forward in building a life you can look back on with pleasure, knowing that you’re leaving behind a legacy worth having for those who follow you.

Legacy Builders objectives

  • To build strong biblical core beliefs for success and fruitfulness in life and ministry.
  • To activate you in your gifts and callings.
  • To give you practical tools to enable you to reach your destiny and leave a brilliant legacy.


As part of our Legacy Builders mentoring group you’ll receive these benefits...

  • You’ll be taking intentional positive steps to build your brilliant legacy
  • You’ll receive the benefit of our years of experience in life and ministry
  • Access the training anytime, anywhere.  The groups will be online mentoring groups and you'll be able to access the contents at a time which suits you.
  • 2 X video teaching sessions a month and short encouragement videos 2x a week.
  • Study notes, worksheets and activations
  • Q&A sessions (in the Facebook group page and in 3 group Skype sessions).
  • Bonus materials
  • Exclusive Facebook group - Closed or secret group
  • Some guest mentoring videos
  • Discounts on some of our training materials.

Content we’ll be covering

Month 1 – Identity, value and purpose - why are you alive?

Month 2 – True spiritual freedom - what does that look like for you?

Month 3 – Breaking through limitations, and keys to building your confidence.

Month 4 – Finding your strengths, dreaming with God, and how to leave a legacy.

Month 5 – Building relational bridges, communication skills and processing with others.

Month 6 – Sharpening your spiritual senses and gifts, and how to pass it all on.


April 2018 – September 2018

Start date – April 7th

Registrations close 31st March 2018

What you'll need

  • A computer
  • A good internet connection (not dial-up) for viewing the teaching videos
  • A Facebook profile so that you can join the Mentoring Group Facebook page


NZ$347.00 one-time payment or 3 payments of NZ$120.00

Married couple:
(Both attending the same group)
NZ$520.00 one-time payment or 3 payments of NZ$180.00

Before making payment please ensure that you read our Refund Policy for Online Mentoring Groups.

Individual Registration

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Married Couple Registration

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About Rob and Lyn Packer

Part of the mandate on Rob and Lyn’s lives is to help people grow and mature in their life and ministry. Over the years they’ve done that in many ways, as pastors, itinerant ministers, teachers and prophets, as principals and staff of training colleges and with their personal life legacy as people.