Revelators Online Mentoring Group


Starts March 15th, ends mid September 2019


The revelatory gifts have given to the church to help it understand what God is doing on both a personal and corporate level, within the church but also in society at large. Those revelatory gifts are prophecy, the seer gift, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discerning of spirits.

If you function in these gifts then you’ll love being a part of this mentoring group, which was created to help you grow in the revelatory gifts. As a revelator, your life and ministry are worth investing in, not just for you but for all those you minister to.

I believe that God is calling his people, in this day, to be intentional in our development as people and ministers. Join the Revelator’s 6 month online mentoring program and take some bold steps forward in building a life and ministry full of revelation, founded in integrity and wisdom. Build a life and ministry that you can look back on with pleasure and that will be a blessing to all you come in contact with.

Revelators mentoring group objectives

  • To build strong biblical core beliefs for success and fruitfulness in life and ministry.

  • To activate and develop you in your revelatory gifts and callings, and to give you practical tools to help you move in them in both power and wisdom.


As part of my 6-month Revelator’s mentoring group you’ll receive these benefits

  • You’ll be taking intentional positive steps to develop your revelatory gifts. To help you in that we'll be covering the following gifts and their operation in depth - Prophecy, Word of Knowledge, gift of Discernment, and the place of Dreams, your Senses, and the Seer ability in those.

  • You’ll receive the benefit of Lyn’s many years of experience in life and ministry.

  • You’ll have access to the training anytime, anywhere. The group will be an online mentoring group and you'll be able to access the contents at a time which suits you.

  • 2 X video teaching sessions a month and short encouragement videos.

  • Study notes, worksheets and activations

  • Q&A sessions (in the Facebook group page and in 6 group Zoom sessions).

  • Bonus materials

  • Exclusive Facebook group for community interaction with Lyn and other revelators.

  • Some guest mentoring videos

  • Discounts on some of our training materials.

Content we’ll be covering

Month 1

  • Session 1 - Discover what the revelatory gifts are and how to access them;  building an open heaven environment over your life.

  • Session 2 - How to live a revelatory life, and living from the mind of Christ.

  • Q&A time.

Month 2

  • Session 1- Understand the revelatory process - receiving revelation, how to interpret revelation, how God communicates.

  • Session 2 - Activating and sharpening your senses. Discover revelation's purpose, how God communicates, and the assignments that come out of it. Find out how to interpret the revelation that God gives you, and what to do with it.

  • Q&A time.

Month 3

  • Session 1 – Gift operation, administration and protocols.

  • Session 2 - Understanding the purpose and place of your imagination in the revelatory process.

  • Q&A time.

Month 4

  • Session 1 - The difference between Old Covenant and New Covenant prophetic ministry, how to use the gift of Prophecy today, understanding the difference between the different aspects of prophetic ministry – the spirit of prophecy, gift of prophecy and the call to be a prophet.

  • Session 2 - Discovering your metron – your sphere of influence and authority. Discover how the revelatory gifts function in the church and in the marketplace.

  • Q&A time.

Month 5

  • Session 1 – Understanding and using the gift of discernment. 

  • Session 2 – Understanding your dreams.

  • Q&A time. 

Month 6

  • Session 1 – Understanding and using the Word of Knowledge gift.

  • Session 2 – How to run a prophetic workshop and where to from here.

  • Q&A time. Prayer, impartation, and commissioning.


Petrina –  Nelson

Petrina – Nelson

The best 6 months of my life!

This 6 month mentoring with Lyn has been the most valuable, comprehensive teaching, training and growing in the prophetic. I finished the course with confidence in areas familiar to me and have been exposed to and taught new areas of the prophetic to explore. Lyn mentors from the loving heart of the father and ensures that every person on all levels is enveloped in a safe and warm environment to learn and grow in. The family atmosphere created by Lyn in the group is the perfect place to launch out and develop prophetic skills with various teaching by notes, videos, guest appearances, and activations. These methods made the time interesting and full of inspiration. A huge blessing for me from my time in the course has been learning techniques and gems from all the other members of the group; the diversity showed how we each bring our part to the wider body of Christ. This course has been beyond valuable to me, life fulfilling, spirit lifting, soul refreshing, genuinely the best 6 months of my life!

Lianne  – Mangawhai

Lianne – Mangawhai

Awesome Course!

I just loved being a part of a community of prophetic people; we ‘get’ each other!  The teaching, activations, relationship content were all amazing. Lyn is a very clear and relaxed teacher, easy to listen to. The interaction on Facebook was just genius. I love that the notes are mine forever! And the Learning Centre is still available too. Sad it has come to an end, but appreciate that we as a group can still connect on our Facebook page, not orphaned! (lol) Felt loved, respected and encouraged. Awesome course! I would highly recommend to all wishing to be stretched and wanting to grow into the prophetic person Father has designed them to be.

Otto  – Christchurch

Otto – Christchurch

This course has been so very helpful in unpacking the gift of prophecy.

I’ve realised just how much I've grown in the past year and the Revelators 6 month Online Mentoring course had a big part to play in that growth. Acceleration does not come by itself - it comes when you intentionally take steps towards training on how to use the revelatory gifts in their various flavours and modes of operation. I love the content of this course - the teaching notes, the activation exercises, the encouragement from Lyn and fellow participants to stay the course. I also really enjoyed the online Zoom sessions, where we were able to interact with each other online, encourage each other and ask questions. Keeping company with other prophetic people is essential for sharpening the gift, and I found the closed Facebook page really helpful. You may be wondering "Should I take the plunge and commit to this course?" I took a risk and said 'Yes' and this course has been so very helpful in unpacking the gift of prophecy and learning how to be excellent in its use.

Kate  – Auckland

Kate – Auckland

Since Joining Lyn’s group I have found that I hear God clearer.

When I joined the group I didn’t know what to expect, and already was connected with a small group that was helping with my prophecy, but I was looking for more of a challenge, and boy did I find it.  I found Lyn’s group really helped me back myself and God in what He was telling me prophetically, and it also helped me to step out and be more courageous with it.  Since Joining Lyn’s group I have found that I hear God clearer and have grown in ways that I don’t believe I would have if I had not sort something like this out.

Shirley  – Invercargill

Shirley – Invercargill

Exceeded my expectations!

Revelators exceeded my expectations! The teaching was amazing, Scripturally based, and insightful and took me on an adventure that I loved, covering many aspects of the gifts with activations that became alive and real, precious and treasured moments with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  It has given me personal confidence to arise in the gifts and use them and still having the resources to go back to.  I would fully recommend anyone to do this course – you will love it, grow in it and explore places in God you may never thought were possible.

Sam  – Rai Valley

Sam – Rai Valley

I have grown so much!

I really enjoyed the course, it taught me far more than I realise. I have grown so much in so many aspects of the prophetic. The thing that stood out to me was the interpreting dreams teaching and work sheets. I have had a similar dream off and on for the past ten years. And I always tried to block it out because I did not understand it. So I put the dream work sheet to work and then processed through it with Holy Spirit and I was blown away with the understanding that I received. It was no wonder I kept having the dream, the message was too important to just push it aside.

MaryRose  – Lower Hutt

MaryRose – Lower Hutt

There has been so much revelation.

For me I have not experienced or known the love of God until I embarked on this course. There has been so much revelation and a clear discernment to hear the voice of the Lord. Sometimes it can get caught up with my human side, however as I sit and listen and understand the promptings I find this so valuable!

Naomi  – Invercargill

Naomi – Invercargill

I gained fresh insights and confidence.

I signed up for this course feeling convicted that it was something I should do, to invest in the prophetic gifting God has given me. However, rather than just focussing on that gifting, I quickly discovered that the course had a whole lot to say to me about God, and about my connection with Him. While I learnt things concerning the prophetic that I’d never even considered before, I also learnt stuff that made me feel freer and more closely connected to God. Also, through the (sometimes scary!) self-examination and activations, I gained fresh insights and confidence in how I personally function in this gifting. Best of all was the refreshingly natural, open, honest sharing from Lyn, and her constant encouragement and backing. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow in their expression of the prophetic, but be warned… you will be stretched!

Carla  – Nelson

Carla – Nelson

I’m so glad I said, “Yes!”

It has been the most succinctly rich, full and restorative 6 months of my life to date. I’m so glad I said, “Yes” to walking this journey along with others in the group, but especially putting aside time with Trinity to learn and train using the giftings deposited and entrusted for me to use for His Glory. Thank you Lyn and Rob!

Jacquette  – Matamata

Jacquette – Matamata

A great way to learn and grow.

This is the first time that I have done an online mentoring programme and it has been invaluable. I really loved Rob and Lyn’s sense of humour and their down to earth “realness”. The Zoom sessions are a great way to interact and connect with the group and a great way to learn and grow in a safe environment. The lessons are easy to follow, no pressure and uplifting. This course encourages you to stretch and discover more of who God has created you to be.


March 2019 - mid September 2019

Start date - March 15th

Registrations close 11th March 2019

What you'll need

  • A computer

  • A good internet connection (not dial-up) for viewing the teaching videos

  • A Facebook profile so that you can join the Mentoring Group Facebook page

  • You'll need to be able to set aside approximately 1 1/2hrs a week to do the course.


NZ$347.00 one-time payment or 3 payments of NZ$120.00

Before making payment please ensure that you read our Refund Policy for Online Mentoring Groups.


To register click on the 'Register Now!' button and when you get to the payment page select either the one time payment option or the 3 instalment option .

About Lyn Packer

Lyn has over forty years experience as a prophet, seer and trainer. Part of the mandate on her life is to help people grow and mature in their life and ministry. Over the years she has done that in many ways, as a pastor, itinerant minister, prophet, teacher, and by life example.