Co-creating With God by Lyn Packer

Co-creating With God by Lyn Packer


You are made in the image of God - you are created to be creative!

Whether you are a teenager, businessman, educator, artist, homemaker or someone who thinks they were left on the shelf when the creative genes were handed out - you are creative! In this book Lyn Packer shows you how to break through limiting beliefs, overcome fear and self sabotage to become the creative person you were born to be.

By acknowledging and using your God-given creativity you'll learn how to connect with God in simple yet profound ways enriching both your private life and the lives of others. Using your creativity reveals that you were indeed created in God's image; and each time you use it you get to co-create with Him, releasing a bit of heaven into earth and to have fun doing so.

"While I've had decades of exposure to books and manuals on creativity, including those coming from a biblical perspective, Lyn Packer's 'Co-creating with God' is one of the most accessible, inspiring and practical tools I've encountered. Not only does Lyn dispel two common lies that self-proclaimed noncreatives believe, "I'm not creative," and, "Even if I am, it's too late," but she provides easy, applicable exercises to explore and express that creativity which, for many, has been buried deep inside for decades. And for those who already heartily embrace our creative natures, Lyn has given us a guide to further hone our abilities, as well as use them, while leading others on their own journeys of discovery. 'Co-creating with God' is a resource I'll be recommending and turning to for ideas and inspiration again and again." – Melissa Williams-Pope, Writer, Actor, Singer and Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs,

"Reading through Lyn's book 'Co-creating with God', at first my thoughts were, "This book is for others, not for me - I'm not an artistic sort of person." How wrong I was. From the opening pages Lyn opened my eyes to see that I was a creative expression of a loving God. In loving Him and loving others, my own unique creativity could find expression within my divine design. What began as a simple read turned into an exciting journey. Being creative is not longer the expression of a gifted few, but the unveiling of who I want to be. Expect to find your concepts challenged and your creativity released as you read and experience the freedom contained within these pages." – Pam Watson, Senior Pastor, Pursuit Church, Auckland.

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