Freedom's Song instrumental CD by Rob Packer

Freedom's Song instrumental CD by Rob Packer



Easy listening smooth jazz

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This instrumental CD was created to bring awareness of, and help to, the many people who are caught up in the horror of human trafficking. For many of them there is no hope without you and I doing our part to help bring them into freedom.

Your purchase of this CD will help do that. ALL profits from the sale of this CD will go to helping with their rescue and after-care, ensuring they get the chance to be loved, cared for, educated and encouraged to be those who will in their time, bring positive change to the world around them.

Follow the journey from Longing to the Sound of Hope, to experiencing Arms of Love, then beginning to Walk Into My Dreams, experiencing a new Skip In My Step, entering a Brand New Day, singing Freedom's Song and resting beside Tranquil Waters.

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Once you press 'Play' allow time for some of the track sample to be downloaded before it starts playing.