Eyes To See Manual by Lyn Packer

Eyes To See Manual by Lyn Packer


Have you ever wondered what a dream meant or whether that 'thing' you saw was a vision or just your imagination? Have you ever seen a billboard or other object that seemed to 'pop out' from its surroundings and wondered what God was trying to say to you through that? If so then this school will give you tools and understanding to help you be one who unravels the mysteries of God hidden in revelatory encounters.

God has hidden mysteries in dreams, visions and prophetic signs. He hasn't hidden them from you butfor you. His purpose for doing so is that through them you discover more about Him and His wonderful plans and purposes for your life.

In this exciting school we open up the realm of revelatory encounters to you, teaching and equipping you to…

  • Identify the different types of dreams, visions, prophetic signs and experiences you have
  • Interpret them and discover what they mean, and God's purpose in them, for your life or the life of others
  • Cooperate with the Lord in releasing their goodness into your world.

The realm of revelation is a never-ending realm of discovery, one that you were created to walk in with understanding. This teaching will help you do so and you'll experience God and understand His heart for you and those around you like never before.

Manual Content

  • Creating a Culture for Revelation
  • God's Purpose for Revelatory Encounters
  • Revelatory Encounters in Scripture
  • Dream and Vision Language
  • Types of Visions and Dreams
  • Common Dream Themes
  • Interpreting Your Dreams and Visions
  • Unraveling the Symbols
  • Interpreting Another Person's Dream
  • Common Symbols
  • Light and Colour Symbolism
  • Number Symbolism
  • Sample Interpretations
  • The Wonder of Sleep
  • Creativity and Inventiveness
  • Who knew…
  • Processing Pages
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