Visions, Visitations and the Voice of God by Lyn Packer

Visions, Visitations and the Voice of God by Lyn Packer


In Visions, Visitations and the Voice of God, Lyn Packer demystifies the often-perplexing subject of revelation and experience with God. Drawing from both scripture and personal experience Lyn opens up the realm of supernatural revelation and makes it relevant to your daily life.

Step out of a ho-hum Christian walk into one of vibrant daily experience with the Lord. He longs to reveal himself to you and each of the activations in this book will take you into personal experience with Him. These prophetic activations will develop your seeing and listening skills enabling you to access heavenly revelation and divine mysteries.

Learn how...

  • You can be more intimate with God than ever before
  • Revelation invites you into intimacy and co-operation with God
  • Scripture is your foundation and plumb-line for revelation and experience
  • To activate your spiritual eyes to see into the heavenly realms
  • To receive revelation and walk in the supernatural daily
  • You are blessed to be a blessing
  • To steward wisely what you see and experience
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